24 November 2014

My Baby Girl ...

My baby girl, otherwise known as the surprise was born on the 16th of April in 2014 in Hollywood, Florida at 1452. She weighed a mere 6 pound and 15 ounces, but was born a fighter. It has been the most incredible experience of my life. We named her Aila Kathryn Ileana Watt, but she earned that name is the way she came out. Although we gave her a unique first name, she has some tough names to live up to. My mother Kathryn, whom needs no introduction; and Ileana, for Aimee’s cousin who is just an incredible person. She carries my name, and I only hope I can be an example for her to look up to.

It did not hit me until I saw her first time. I had seen the pregnancy, all the medical appointments, the ultrasounds and the delivery. I could see it was real for Aimee, the feelings and the changes she was feeling. The discomfort and the joy whenever the baby would move inside her. Aimee had that connection that I could only dream to understand. For me, it became real when I held her, touched her, saw her and perceived the miracle that I helped make for the first time.

It is a feeling I cannot put into words, nor can a picture capture the depth of the emotion. I can tell the story in the hopes that there is a glimpse of that truth in my words. Aimee and I went into the hospital the day before the delivery because she had not gone into labor, she was going to be induced. I barely slept that night, knowing that the following day everything would change. I trusted the Doctor, the nurses were wonderful and my Mother and Alba would be there with me to see this thing through.

The following day came without labor or any sign that the baby was ready to come into the world. It was six hours of watching the monitor, and Aimee pushing as hard as I had ever seen her doing anything in her life. We watched the heart rate monitor drop from 150 beat per minute (bpm), down to 80 bpm. My medical knowledge knew this was not right, but I had to be stoic and strong for the woman I loved doing something that the toughest person would cringe at. This happened multiple times, every time the delay to 150 bpm getting slightly longer. The nurse tried everything, but in the end fetal distress was imminent if Aimee pushed anymore. The Doctor made the call for the C-Section and off we went.

They had me suit up outside as they got Aimee ready, I was grateful for modern medicine and the abilities we have to perform these procedures. I could only imagine what this must have been like before we could possibly know the fetal heart rate. My heart and thoughts were with Aimee and the little child that was just waiting to come out. I knew everything would be alright, and my medical experience allowed me to remain calm. When they finally let me in the door, the curtain was up and all I could see was Aimee’s worried face. They gave me a chair and had me sit by her. I watched as the heads scurried above the sheet blocking my view just waiting for the signal to look over the sheet and behold the miracle for the first time.

I finally was told to stand up as I saw the tiny blueish baby meet the world. They handed me the snips and had me cut the umbilical cord. Moving her to the table I watched as they cleared the mouth, nose and just waiting for her to take her first breath. Nothing seemed to happen. Aimee was looking at me, asking me if everything was okay. I took her hand and smiled to the best of my ability masking my own worries. It seemed like an eternity watching the force air, oxygen and continued effort to get her to breath. I knew they were doing all they could, and that alone kept me calm.

Then like nothing was wrong at all, She cried out in frustration that she was cold, wet and pissed off. They wrapped her up and placed her on Aimee’s chest and all seemed good in the world. Tears filled Aimee’s eyes as I asked her if she was an Aila? She nodded and we both enjoyed the moment of seeing Aila for the first time.

I recall like it was yesterday. I accompanied Aila to the nursery as Aimee went to recovery. I was looking at her under the heat lamp, reaching with a finger to touch her, hardly believing it was real. I saw behind her pale eyes a spark light up as the light hit them. There was a life behind there, intelligence, a being that would be looking up to me as an example. Aila was real, and in that moment everything had changed.

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